Is LED light flicker damage to eyes?

In theory, the so called "stroboscopic" phenomenon exists in the light sources that use alternating current, but due to the heavy weight of the light bulbs, different lighting principles, and differences in quality, because the stroboscopic situation is different
First of all, let's take a look at the incandescent lamp. This kind of bulb uses the thermal effect generated by the current to make the tungsten filament inside the bulb heat up, so that the incandescent lamp can emit visible light. The frequency of the alternating current is 50Hz. When it goes through a cycle, the current intensity will have two obvious changes. In theory, the light bulb flickers 100 times in one second. However, in fact, we can't observe the flicker of the light bulb. Because the moment the AC intensity changes from strong to weak, the filament in the bulb has no time to cool down, and the current has already changed from weak to strong. In addition, there is a phenomenon of "persistence of vision" in our eyes, so the flickering of the bulb cannot be felt. If you When an LED is connected in series with the bulb, it will be observed that the bulb has flickering phenomenon, because the alternating current is rectified into a half-wave pulsating flickering current, and the current intensity changes significantly during the period.
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Let's take a look at the fluorescent lamp. The fluorescent lamp uses the principle of gas discharge, so the stroboscopic phenomenon is more obvious. The LED lamp uses the principle of semiconductor light. , so it is easy to observe the stroboscopic phenomenon. Generally, the circuit that supplies power to the LED uses a rectifier filter circuit to reduce the stroboscopic phenomenon, but some manufacturers cut corners in order to save costs, making the LED stroboscopic phenomenon very obvious and very harmful to the eyes.

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