Why we should select the Solar LED Lighting for the factory lighting?

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Turn on the lights during the day? Still using LEDs to provide electrical lighting for the factory room? The power consumption throughout the year must be surprisingly high. We want to solve this problem, but the problem can never be solved. Of course, under the current scientific and technological conditions, using solar power generation to replace the cost of commercial electricity is also a good choice. However, the input cost and maintenance cost are relatively high, and many enterprises have not really considered these problems for the time being.

The consideration of short-term economic benefits and long-term economic results must be at odds. If we consider long-term benefits, we must not care whether it can bring economic benefits in the short term. Therefore, at the beginning of design, many factories are more to ensure the original functions until they can be put into operation. However, over time, reducing operating costs has become the center of enterprise development planning.

Excessive operating costs will directly increase the cost of products, so it can not occupy a favorable advantage in product sales. Of course, the factory can reduce the cost by reducing the product quality, but in this way, it is like fishing with all its strength, and the ultimate victim is the enterprise itself.

Reduce the cost of electricity, start with the transformation of LED lamps, reduce the ineffective lighting time of LED lamps, and improve the problem of high electricity cost of factory lighting by adding new energy lighting system. Solar power generation panel can be used to supply power for lighting, and natural light lighting system such as light guide tube can also be used to supply power for factory buildings.

Many enterprises combine solar panels with light guide lighting system, use light guide tubes to realize non electric lighting during the day, and use solar batteries to provide power for factory lighting at night. The overall power consumption is maintained at a 0 commercial power consumption, which reduces the use of commercial power and reduces the operation cost of the enterprise.